Saturday, May 26, 2007

1. This is my baby girl Shauna, of course this was when she was small, now she is 24.
2. This is her baby girl Teighan laying on my shoulder.
3. Another batch of Teighans love being poured on me.
4. Teighan found a DVD of her brothers and checking to see if she's busted.
5. Teighan thinking she's gonna keep this one.

When Shauna was pregnant with Teighan she spent most of her pregnancy in the hospital trying desperately not to lose this precious gift. Teighan was born on Jan. 16, 2006, putting Shauna at only 30 weeks. She was a fighter as you can see and Shauna finally got her baby girl after having 3 boys.

I just returned from Texas where I went to watch Shauna's babies for her as she went to her yearly exam only to find out she had stage 2 cervical cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. I thank God for giving her the gift of 4 beautiful children and for touching the doctors hands as he performed her surgery that she was allowed to keep her ovaries and that they were able to get all the cancer.

God has a way of blessing us all in his own way and his own time if we only step aside and allow him to do his thing.


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