Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well she is pretty much finished, my very first Girlie Girl Wall Art Quilt. My dear friend Carrie Payne from BelieveMagic inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and try something a bit different. It is one thing to sit down plan out a quilt, cut the pieces and sew it together but when it has more 3~D to it and you have to come up with all the extras for it, well let's just say it took me to a whole new place,,,,a place I fell in love with. For more info on the how to of one of these little jewels go on over and visit Carrie's web site.


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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I just had to share this with all my friends!
My very special, amazing, Creative Goddess, Carrie Payne has been published and I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments. This magazine just hit the stands on Dec. 1st so get yours while they last. She totally rocked this article and be sure to jump over and check out some of her other works, you will fall in love......


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