Monday, August 06, 2007

Red was not my fav nor was it hers and the blue just didn't show up much in her black hair so I'm gonna get another shade of blue and try it again. Stay tuned.


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My grandson, Gavin, wanted to get a kitty, not a cat, a kitty. But of course you have to get prepared so I took him to Target and got him a food/water dish and of course while in the pet isle he spotted a kitty playhouse, which of course he had to have and then he spied the most girlie kitty bed and reminded us that his kitty would need a place to sleep, boy does it cost to adopt a kitty. We took this home and put the playhouse together, no small job I might add. Then he decided we needed a carrying case to bring his kitty home so instead of going back out and buying one I had him make his own with a box. I told him to put holes in it so his kitty could breath and to decorate it.
The next day his mom took him to Paws and Claws, our pet shelter here in town, and he adopted his new kitty. I think she's went through several different names now and I'm sure eventually he settle on the perfect name for her but in the mean time he is enjoying having his new pet/friend and he's being very diligent in keeping her fed and watered and not so diligent in keeping her liter box clean he needs more help there so that has pretty much become my part of keeping a kitty in the house.
I'm so blessed to have two of my grandchildren right here to enjoy but I dearly miss the four that live in Texas. I feel like I'm missing out on so very much of their growing years.
I guess it's time for a visit....


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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I always loved going swinging. Oh to swing as high as I could and feeling the wind in my hair. I think that is why I really love this set of pics of my grand daughter, Christa. She was playing around one night with her girlfriends on the swings.

I still love going out and swinging in the night, something magical about it! It always made me feel extremely close to the universe and all it's mysteries and promises.


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I love the color purple and as it turns out that is a good thing as my granddaughter thought to try it on her hair.....

Oh thank goodness it was only hairspray....
She also had Blue and Red to try as well and I will post those when they girls try them out. She wanted to try them first then she wants me to take her and have it done that color with hair dye. I'm not so sure about that one. I say we just keep going to wally world and buying hairspray.

Keep playing Christa!!!!

I love you!!!


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