Monday, February 28, 2011

One of my favorite things about women is our ability to pierce through the chit-chat to get to what is really going on in our hearts.

Conversations with close girlfriends can be deep and true. I have a few girlfriends with whom I can reveal the darkest parts of myself and know that I will still be accepted and loved just as I am. This, in turn, helps me to accept and love myself as I am. The way I treat my closest friends with compassion and understanding no matter what, also teaches me how to be a good friend to myself. I believe this connection spreads out into the world, showing me the light and sweetness in people I do not know at all.

In the media, friendships between women are often portrayed as caddy and insecure. My experience is that friendships between women are full of depth, gentleness, grace and wisdom. Girlfriends listen empathetically with their hearts wide-open. They are not afraid to hear pain. A friend holds the painful stories of other women, quietly and lovingly. This makes the pain lessen and love grows stronger. Girlfriends create a safe place to share heartbreaks, jealousies, anger and fear without being judged or criticized.

My girlfriends teach me over and over that I am okay just as I am, even when, in my darkest moments I am certain that I am not.

They remind me that I am always loved, no matter what.

I found this here and it spoke to my soul. I just felt I had to share it here because I have some really amazing girlfriends. A couple of these ladies I've known since I was a child and a couple since I was in high school which was like, forever ago. I have made some truly dear friends online that I feel I could go to with anything and I have never met them face to face. To all of you, this is sent out into the Universe just for you. I heart you all!
And with that said I think I am going to open my creative mind to making a "Girl Friend" quilt. I've never actually come up with my own pattern but instead of stayed in my safety zone and used tutorials that others of you have made so wish me luck.


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

W ell here is the baby quilt that goes with the diaper bag that I made for Tiffany. This recipe also came from the MBS and you can find the tutorial for it here.The chef for this little jewel is the most inspiring Angela Yosten. I love to play with all of her tutorials as she makes some really cool recipes for children's items. I hope that you all enjoy the pics and Tiffany I hope that this little quilt is what you had in mind when you said whimsical was what you wanted. I love you and I'm so very proud of you and Aaron.


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My daughters BFF from high school is fixing to have her first baby, a girl. So I wanted to make her a very special gift since she was like my very own daughter and at my house pretty much on a daily basis so I skipped on over to the MBS in search of something whimsical and I found the recipe to this amazing diaper bag tutorial by the amazing Bradie Sparrow. You can find out more about Bradie over at "A Quilty Kind of Girl". Bradie was a huge help for me along the way. I ran into a couple snags because of my own lack of self confidence when it comes to making other items besides quilts and so I picked Bradie's brain and she was more than happy to help me out. I did take the liberty to make it my own by adding the pocket on the inside but you can bet your bottom dollar that this recipe will be used many times as I always gift my baby momma friends with a quilt. Thanks you Bradie.
Tiffany, I hope you enjoy this gift and make good use of it.


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I have an old Singer Slant Needle that was made in 1952 and I love it! This is an old machine but it will sew anything and now I have a walking foot for it so I am able to do some machine quilting on it. It will only do small quilts as the arm is short but it lets me learn how to do this. It's a start to something bigger and better.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday my teacher said something that I can’t seem to shake. It was in the course of an ordinary conversation and not a teaching per se, but that’s how you know your teacher: he or she says something that sticks with you like a needle under your skin, and it works its way in.

He said, “I knew you before you were a victim.” He wasn’t talking about me, but he might as well have been. As is the custom in a lineage tradition like mine, I can only repeat what my teacher has told me. So I will.

I knew you before you were a victim,
before you were a wreck, a mess, and a bomb.
Without a crowning success or crippling failure.
Before you had an issue, an axe, or a cross.
No disorder, no syndrome, no label –
without a blemish or scar.
Before that night and the morning after,
before the after and before the before.
Before the fall, the crash, the crime,
without an upgrade or makeover.
Version 0.0
No story,
no narration, no closed captioning,
no footnotes and no bonus features,
before you remembered to forget and forgot to remember.
I knew you before you were what you say –
what you think, what you fear, what you know.

Do you know yourself before?

I read this on FB and boy did it make me sit back and take pause to really think about me......the real me.


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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ok sewwwww, this is what I am doing this morning, quilting a baby quilt called "Princess Pea Blanket" by Angela Yosten. You can find a tutorial for it over at the MBS. I'll be sure and post a finished pic as soon as it is finished.

This is what my grandbabies (not such babies anymore) did yesterday as it finally warmed up enough to let them out to play and run off some pent up energy. This is their first winter where they actually had snow as we just moved up to Iowa from Texas where they were all born and raised. Such fun!!!


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Thursday, February 03, 2011

I am so ready for Springtime to return to my neck of the woods. I'm ready for some gardening time and I'm ready to plant some flower beds and just some real nice time out doors. I'm so over this snow for this year, but I'm sure when it is time again in the fall I'll be ready for you to visit again. I love you in all your glory but please go visit someone else for a bit.


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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I am so ready for Spring time to arrive and this is what that yearning has inspired for me. This will become a great pay-it-forward for one of my bff's.


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