Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another topic that was discussed was you taking interior design classes. She said you talk about that all the time. I'm sure you have discussed it, as it's been an interest of yours for a long time. But that doesn't mean it's the only avenue you may take.

At your age you have to consider your options a little more carefully than someone 20+ years younger. A younger person has time for career changes, a person our age needs to consider retirement, which is growing ever nearer. You must find something that you will not only enjoy, but which will provide you with some retirement income. Interior Design might be something you do on the side, but realistically you'd not have as good a chance of landing a job that gives you a good pension and medical benefits (both now and during retirement).

So you have to weigh your interests and options against what is best for you long term. CNA may be the better option - and I say may, as ultimately you have to make the decision - not ANY of us! You can always take classes in painting, repair, building, etc. You know - the kind they offer at Menards and the community college (usually free or very inexpensive). Those would allow you to aquire skills and eventually use them on the side.

You could start with projects on my house or Ken's house, and take before and after photos to create a porfolio. Then use that portfolio to hirie out for private individuals, or to market your services on a contract basis to places like Menards, Hancock Fabric, JC Penney, etc. Then it would be a fun creative way to bring in extra money thing, rather than having to rely on it for your sole income (and future retirement plan). Just a thought. All options should remain open. You have to make the choices for yourself. Not for your daughters, grandchildren, or friends. Just for you :)

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