Sunday, April 10, 2005

This morning was no different than most every morning. Everyone gets up and sits around watching TV or sitting out on the deck smoking. The house still has the effects of the tornado of the evening before. Clothes piled in the bathroom from bath time, folded laundry sitting in piles on the kitchen table and dirty dishes piled all over the counter tops.
I get up and start a load of laundry then I start doing the dishes, all while everyone else continues with what they are doing. The dishes get almost done and Shauna chirps up with "You know mom I could do those dishes." Of course she always waits till I'm just finishing them up. The key word here is I could not I did. Why bother to say anything if you have no intentions of helping?
Yesterday as she was getting ready to go to work Shauna wanted to know where her pants were and why I hadn't got them laundered. There not my clothes and they weren't in the laundry. I do all the laundry every day but I will not go from room to room collecting more work for me to do.
I'm sitting here suffering from a horrific headache while Wendy is in her room taking a nap and I am up with all the kids. I look around and I know there is something terribly wrong with this whole picture.
I should have a job so I can be saving money but instead I sit here watching everyone elses kids and picking up after everyone else. This has to stop so I am going Monday and putting in an application at Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot and these girls will have to figure out a way to pay a sitter or they'll have to quit their job and take care of their own kids.
Do I have door mat written across my forehead because for some reason everyone thinks they can walk all over me and I should smile and say thanks.

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