Thursday, April 14, 2005

I just came in from mowing the yard. While I was mowing I was day dreaming of another yard with many flower gardens and sitting areas. Perhaps one with a small table and a couple of chairs overlooking a bird feeding area with a lovely bird bath. I always loved watching the birds frolic in the bird bath as they were bathing,,,such a funny site to see.
I also thought of how lovely it would be to have a lovely butterfly/hummingbird garden area with a cozy place not far off that we could sit relax and watch the beauty of it all. I would be so peace*full to have a little water fountain so that the butterflies could flit here and there through the water.
But let us not forget the other wonders of gardening. Such as a wonder*filled herb garden just outside the door there on the side of the house by the kitchen. With a pretty little path winding it's way over to the vegetable garden. A garden filled with all the makings of a spring salad, tomato's for canning, and of course all the veggies it would take to make a delicious fall soup.
And then there is my specialty. A beautiful lavender garden with a flower "Bed" filled with lavender that one could actually lay down on and take a short afternoon nap. A place made just for dreaming.
One day, one day.......

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