Monday, April 11, 2005

I am certain that if this were calculated out they would owe me a healthy little sum. I also know that if Shauna had to pay daycare for all three boys that she'd have no income and would probably have to use some of Jeff's check to pay the daycare.
I also think that it is a good idea to write this down and show her in black and white. I did mention this online class to her and I'll talk to her more about it tomorrow since she is off tomorrow.
I also agree that when I get up there we should write something down on paper. Not just for us but for anyone else who might want to start something. But you do know how I am and I have to admit that I have a problem sitting idle. I think we will be fine. And as for Wendy thinking I would be able to sit at home for the rest of my life,,,,I can't stand sitting around here and I have these kids to keep me busy. So I want a job, even if it is part time. We'll work on that when the time comes. I can't wait till then. Here's to starting over for the last time.

Posted at 10:38 PM


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