Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Now I have to admit that among inventions, the "undo" button is right up there with the very greatest of all times, but it still doesn't compare to the "do" button.
Sheila, there's nothing you can't do. You can't fail if you but "try". The system works, and it's now your turn. There's a reason for this day and a method to the madness. You were once a creator, and thought you lost your touch. A giant, and thought you lost your way. A light, and thought you had burned out. Only now you're beginning to suspect that it was all just a dream you had thought was real.
Awaken, your royal highness. For while your awareness has waned, your strength has not, and your kingdom patiently waits.
The Universe

Yes I was once a creator, a very creative one, and I still am all I have to do is "try".
Yes I did loose my way and now I must find my way back no matter the fear or the struggle that it will take. I will "do" it.
Yes I did think that I had burned out but somewhere a small breeze made that light flutter and I realized that the light is still there I just have to give it air to burn brightly.
The one thing I worry about the most is my strength but I am going to stay strong.
I love opening my mail and having wonder*filled messages from the Universe to remind me that I am a Goddess and that I am creative but most of all that I am strong.

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