Saturday, April 16, 2005

Magic Fresh Start Broom
Gather up a broom with a long wooden handle (old or new), some art supplies that you are inspired to use (acrylic paints are a good idea), a few bits of ribbon and spread them out around you. Take a few moments to become quiet by closing your eyes and breathing deeply, circling your shoulders, stretching, releasing any tensions that you may be carrying around. When you feel ready, hold your broom in your hands. Visualize this cleaning implement as a magical tool of old…like the brooms that could fly and perform other enchanting feats in fairy stories. What does your magic broom look like? If you were going to name it, what would you call it? Take some time to get comfortable with the delicious possibilities and imagine how you would decorate your broom to capture some of this whimsy. Decorate your broom. As you play with designs, imagine you are filling this broom with magical properties. Maybe it is a wand, or a tool for sweeping out cobwebs, an ally to speed you away when you need a fast escape, or a visual reminder of the power of magic. When you are finished, say a simple blessing over your masterpiece. Take it in your hands and feel the power of this magical broom. Focus on anything you are ready to erase. Envision the changes you would like to see, imagine the steps you will take to accomplish these changes, all the while sweeping and chanting, with each stroke I erase the old and invite the new. When you are ready to stop, thank your broom and store it in a place that needs the sparkle of magic.
I found this neat idea and was thinking that it might be a neat idea to take some small pieces of paper and write on each piece, one thing that you would like to erase. Sprinkle these pieces on the floor all around you and then sweep them up into a dust pan and throw them out.
I'm ready for a fresh start in my life and I think I will be making my very own magic broom. I already can see it in my minds eye and it is quiet lovely.

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