Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sis, I've sure missed being here. I've spent the last 3 days in bed with a horrific sinus infection but it is starting to subside at last. Hope Will is feeling better.
Well I'm down to 3 more days till the trailer is taken off the chapter 13. Then I'll just have to wait to hear from the loan company to see what their going to do. I can't hardly wait till this is over with. I am praying that I don't have any problems selling this land. I shouldn't since it is the largest lot in the area and it already has trees on it as well as having the water and electric hook ups on it. But I am going to call that place that wrote me as soon as I hear from the loan company as I am really hoping that they are serious and are wanting to buy this land. Boy it will be nice to end this chapter and start anew.
I can hardly wait to be back up there and be able to sit and chat with Will and hear all about his job and what he's up to. But most of all I miss our times together to chat, laugh and just enjoy life.
Wendy has the next two days off so I am gonna go over and see if I can finish up the storage bldg. It is so hard finding time to do anything now that she is working as Shauna is working all day and Wendy works all night so it seems like I'm always tied to the house and kids. Shauna had off yesterday but I was way to sick to even get out of bed much less do anything.
I'm staying strong and working on steps to keep me strong. Leaving the girls to their own won't be that hard. The grand kids will be the hardest but I know it is for everyones best interest that I make this happen. And I will be able to visit the kids so they will be fine.I will stay strong and if I feel myself weaken I will be sure and put it here so you can water my strength. I sure miss laughing with you.

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