Friday, May 06, 2005

It's funny how a person can have so many feelings swirling around inside that they want to spill out onto paper yet the mere thought of it is so overwhelming that it takes their breath away. Sometimes I want to come here and just let it all spill forth but it scars me. Fear of starting to write and not being able to stop. Fear of writting it all down then feeling guilty for some of the feelings I have. Fear that I will sound heartless and cold. Fear that if I write it all down I'll be so empty I won't be able to.....I don't know what. But I've been doing alot of reading about journaling and about soul work and I know that it is time to work on getting all these things out. I bought the Inner, Outings book and card set for journaling. The cards are for prompts on what to write. You are supposed to pick a card then journal on that prompt no matter what. The book has a chapter to go along with each card that takes you further into it. So I am going to start doing this as often as I can once I read the rest of the book, which should be done tomorrow. I will use that prompt as the title and you may feel free to comment if you have anything to add. I may write it in a journal as well so that I can add other things as well,,,such as collage, momentos or whatever. But I think that if I work on making this a habit that it will help me get to know myself,,,,,really know myself. My inner self. I may not like all that I remember but they are my memories and I need to take them out and examine them then let them fly free. I think I'm ready!

Posted at 10:21 PM


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