Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I talked to Cheri today about the girls and how they are acting, or should I say Shauna and how she is acting. I also talked to her about me moving to Minnesota and how I felt about that. I told her that we would be writting something up so that no one felt like they were getting the raw end of some strange deal and she agreed that that would be best. She said that that way the girls couldn't but in so easily. I told her that sometimes I get scared of how angry the girls will be and that the thought of them hating me is very real and scary. She said that they may be angry but that they will always love me and that she feels that this is the best thing I could do for myself and for the girls. I already know this but it is nice to hear the support. I know that my staying here would be my end. I won't let this happen and Cheri and I talked about this as well. She said she is sad that I have to go so far away to find my happiness but that it is something that has to be but that she will support me and try her best to ward off the girls when that time comes.We also talked about Wendy moving up there when she is out of school and about her having a place of her own. Again she was in full agreement that this is the very best plan. I know all this but it is nice to have support in my corner for a change.
I saw you online last night and wanted to chat but both girls were sitting right there so I decided it was best to let it be cuz they like to see what we are talking about. Shauna was sitting here trying to convince me to babysit for her friends. She said she needed to get a job for her sanity cuz she has 3 kids all under the age of 3. I ask her why they all kept having kids if they didn't want to raise them. Somehow I just know that she will be having a baby in short order. I have a feeling that she is already pg,,,as much as I hope it isn't so I know in my gut that it is.
Pray that I get an offer for my land shortly and can get out of here soon,,,,very soon.

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