Sunday, October 02, 2005

I finally let go! It's hard to move out of the way of your dreams and just let them happen. It's hard to step beyond the fear. The fear of not being loved, the fear of letting the universe give you what you want/need, of letting go of the control. I always feared that my girls wouldn't love me if I did what I wanted instead of being right there, at their beac-n-call. Yet being there and not being happy, I was closing my self off from all the magic. I finally got it. I finally got out of my own way. Now the magic is happening. The universe is once again in control and amazing things are happening in my life.
I've never had a bedroom of my own, one that I could decorate just for my. Now the magic will be in my room. I've never had a job that I liked for me, always a job that I had to have to take care of the girls. Now the magic will be in my job.
I AM happy! Right here, right now, with no reservations, I am happy!

Posted at 7:22 AM


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