Saturday, January 06, 2007

I am fixing to start a new quilt so I'm in the planning stage, the creative stage so to speak. I'll take these beautiful colored pencils and graph out the quilt before I actually start cutting the fabric. I am what you might call a perfectionist when it comes to my passion, QUILTING, so I have to draw it all out and decide which pattern looks best and which fabrics will work and which ones will be left for another quilting journey.
I am also a the planning is a way of putting of cutting into the beautiful fabrics and screwing them up. I never actually screw them up but I do always worry that I will I have to remind myself that to live artfully I must follow the rules. Rule number 1: There are no rules! So I am off to quilt world to create something fun and wonder*filled.


Posted at 2:08 PM


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