Friday, February 09, 2007

I bought my daughter a really nice digital, not the best but certainly not the worst and I always get these pics that are blurred, out of focus, off center, and I call and say, "someone else needs to take these pics so I can use some for scrapping."
Last night she sends me this one and I think to myself ok now she's got it. I called her and told her I really liked this one and she just laughed and said yes it is really good isn't it mom. Ok so with this response I know something is up so I ask her who took it and she laughed again and said "Christa took it, she was playing with my cell phone."
So I have to wonder if it is always about the camera or the person taking the shot?
Christa is always taking pics of herself and her friends and they always seem to be so good. Perhaps I should have gotten her the camera and ask her to take pics of the grandchildren for me.....


Posted at 5:23 AM


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