Friday, June 27, 2008

My daughter, Shauna, is addicted to shopping at Ross Department Store and is a pro at it. She buys a lot of her little tops there as well as some of her pants and loves it. I think it's the fact that you have to look at every item to find something that is the right size and has no visible flaws. I'm not a shopper so I have to understanding of what it is that draws here there. Ross is similar to TJ Max Stores for those who aren't familiar.

One thing I do like about it is that once in a while she'll find a real treasure there and bring me home a magical surprise like the little jewel in the pic above. I totally love this little jewel of a teapot as I enjoy sipping on a cup of tea when I am relaxing and also when I am sewing. I haven't had much creative craft time lately but I'm all set up now and ready to get back to being creative and feeding my soul.
What feeds your soul?


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