Saturday, February 21, 2009

This year during D.A.R.E. week we had a cool them for every day and so of course we all got into this and had lots of fun. The one downer to the whole week was that I couldn't get my darn pics off my camera but low and behold it has happened and I have finally been able to get them onto my computer. One day was team hero day and you could wear your favorite teams shirts but since we are not huge sports fanatics we made our own team shirts and called it "Team Gilland". I dug all my fun sharpies out and put Jeff to work and I think he deserves props for the funtastic job he did on these shirts. Take note that the boys team number is actually their age.
Then another was "to cool for drugs" but when I went to Wallie World to get the bous some sun glasses and they were 10 bucks a piece...... YIKES, we have 4 boys so that was vetoed by all. But since D.A.R.E. week was the week of Halloween I decided to go the more fun route and got some fun glasses and then I made a little sign for them to wear that said "I'm to ghoul for drugs". All in all it was a lot of fun for all of us and it got us all involved.


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